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The Military Client

You Have Served Your Country, Now Let Us Serve You!

These words are not meant to be something catchy or enticing. They are words we at Brautigan Realty use and live by, because we also have lived the hard knock life that military members oftentimes endure. Our office consists of agents that have not only taught in the DoDEA school system, are married to soldiers/veterans, grew up as dependents of soldiers, but have served in the U.S. Military themselves.


What is Important?

The most important thing we took away throughout all of our moves is that it is absolutely crucial that you have a REALTOR® that understands your situation, and has you in their best interest. It is expected from our agents at Brautigan Realty to photograph, FaceTime, video, and accept phone calls at all hours of the night due to dislocated buyers that are on a different time zone.

Brautigan Realty agents openly share their knowledge of the surrounding area, routes to and from work, accurate drive times, amenities in communities and subdivisions with you. Our team also has the ability to point you in the right direction for up to date information on schools, child care, and job sites.


But Does My Real Estate Agent Understand Military Time Lines?

Realtors® at Brautigan Realty know what it is like to have to move internationally while pregnant or with children, and your spouse will meet up with you later. We understand the crazy acronyms that become 90% of your spoken language. We know what it is like to have to purchase a home – sight unseen – from a foreign country and having only pictures and internet maps to go by. We know what it is like to hope your spouse will be happy with the home you chose once he/she actually gets to see your new home. We know, because we have and are living the same life!

What You Can Expect (video)

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to guide you through the entire process.

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