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This Little Light of Mine…

You’ve got to let it SHINE!

Selling your home?  Showcase it to shine bright like a diamond! (Thanks, Rihanna).

Lighting is everything!  Think about it. Photography, makeup, jewelry, an actor on stage, an art display. LIT. (Not lit like the slang for “happening” or “poppin” or whichever generation from which you speaketh, but lit as in with actual proper lighting.)

 THE absolute focus. Unequivocal star. of. the. SHOW!

Not enough windows? Sparse light fixtures? Just plain not sure how to put the spotlight on your home for potential buyers to see it for the rare gem that it is?

Some of my favorite tips and tricks can be found in this article:

Done what you can and still don’t feel like it’s ready for “showtime”?  First impressions matter!

Call me today before you list your home for sale at 979-571-8589 to schedule an appointment.  I can help you put the sparkle in your home, AND in the eye of a buyer!

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